Meet TAylor

Taylor is a graduate from Chapman University with a BFA in Theatre Performance and a resident of Los Angeles.  Born in the Bay Area, Taylor is a free spirited hapa girl with a passion for performing and storytelling. Taylor's life motto is live authentically, and she aims to do so every day through her art. She unifies her passions and values by aiming to bring her authentic self into each of the roles she plays. 

From contemporary plays, to Shakespeare, to tv & film, Taylor loves all forms of performing. 

In addition to acting, Taylor loves the outdoors, in particular fresh mountain air and clean running water. For the past 6 years she has spent her summers working as a camp counselor up in the High Sierras. These treasured experiences have shaped her into an infectiously positive, creative, and grounded human being, qualities which she also brings into her acting. Taylor also has great interest in leadership studies and personality theory. She received a minor in Leadership and Organizational Studies from Chapman University. 

Taylor's vibrant energy and bright smile cause her to be a positive force on any cast or set.